Invite Aaron Lipkin to speak at your church

"Folks - Aaron is one of THE GREATEST speakers on Israel. He makes archeological discoveries unbelievably exciting! His drone footage is stellar. His communication skills are superb. His recent discoveries are amazing! He has spoken in hundreds of evangelical churches. He is the best. He will be in America on the East Coat & West Coast and points in between soon. Schedule him. You will NOT regret it."

Pastor Jim Garlow - Well Versed Ministries


"Aaron Lipkin with Lipkin Tours is an excellent speaker who keeps his audience on the edge of their seats as he speaks authoritatively on archaelogical finds from both a secular and biblical worldview. I highly recommend him!"

Pastor Mark Biltz - El Shaddai Ministries


"Aaron has been involved personally in uncovering and sifting the site of Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal, among other tels/digs. His love and excitement for these areas and the developments arising therefrom is contagious. Aaron’s knowledge is deep and wide. He is an engaging speaker with a wry sense of humor who involves the audience (congregation) in his presentation. The decision to host the Lipkin’s visit was rewarding in every sense."

Pastor, Rector and Friend - Christ Anglican Church, Cashiers, NC

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